Decorative Ceiling Panels in Minehead

Our decorative ceiling panels are moisture resistant and provide a decorative substitute to painted ceilings, removing the possibility of flaking paint in bathrooms. Our decorative ceiling panels are built with tongue and grooves to ensure a quick and simple installation, and wipe clean in seconds. These panels also go perfectly with our wall panel range.

Decorative ceiling panels are available to order with a choice of 6 colours and are 2700 x 250 x 8mm, covering an area of 2.7m2they’re economical and easy to handle and install.We also have 6 PVC profile edges available, of which all are 2.7m in length and available in two finishes.

We have Type K (mid joint), Type L (end cap), Type M (ceiling mould), Type N (internal corner), Type O (external corner) and Type P (clip-in trim). All our profiles are available in bright silver and white, except Type P which is only available in silver.

Type M comes with two narrow silver strips above and below the white cove profile.Our ceiling panels have a class 1 surface spread of fire rating. Do not install in areas where temperature exceeds 60 degrees and keep out of direct sunlight.