Laminate Flooring in Minehead

We have an extensive range of laminate flooring, with two varieties available. We stock both the Click Lock and Stick Lock system, both are quick and easy to install.

The stick type flooring comes in the size 914 x 152mm with 16 in a pack, covers an area of 2.23m2and is supplied with a micro bevelled edge. The interlocking type comes in the size 1210mm x 190mm and covers an area of 1.84m2although the styles for both types of flooring differ from each over. Our stick variety has a 0.3mm wear layer and our click variety has a 0.5mm wear layer.

Both varieties are ideal for household and commercial waterproof flooring.We also have available a lock block, which is specially designed to ensure the interlocking planks have interlocked completely. We also have a 2 in 1 polish and cleaner solution available for purchase, which is usable with both types of flooring.

For our stick range we have felt adhesive stick pads to prevent scratching, rollers and tape. We also have available a homecare kit which consists of tape, a roller, felt adhesive stick pads and the 2 in 1 polish and cleaner.