Tile Effect Panels in Minehead

Our tile effect panels are more than suitable for bathrooms with their realistic tile effects providing your bathroom with a high quality and professional look, without the use of grout. Our panels come in 8 colours and with 2 tile styles and finishes.

Due to panels being only 3mm thick they are suitable for installing over existing tiles, as an economical and contemporary solution. Tile effect panels can be ordered as an all-in-one shower kit or in individual profiles and panels.s

Tile effect panels come in three different sizes; 2440mm x 1220mm x 3mm, 2440mm x 900mm x 3mm and 2440mm x 600mm x 3mm. Three finishes are available which include Mosaic (gloss), Large (matt) and Bevelled (XL gloss). The mosaic is 23.5x23.5mm with a 3mm grout line, the large finish is 47x47mm with a 4mm grout line, and the bevelled tile finish is 300mm x 200mm with a 4mm grout line. Our tile effect panels provide you with mould resistant surfaces, due to the two styles of grout line ensuring you have a high quality product which requires minimal maintenance.

Our tile effect panels are superior to standard tiles as our panels are quick and easy to install and give you the same look as you would get using tiles. We also offer bevelled tile effect panels which come with a 30cm x 20cm tile on single faced panels.

We also have available 4 different aluminium profiles, of which all are 2.5m in length and available in four finishes. We have the type F (end cap), type G (mid joint), type H (external corner) and type J (internal corner). All the accessories are available in either satin anodised silver, white, black and polished aluminium finishes.

Other products which we recommend purchasing with our tile effect panels are our high grab panel adhesive and silicone sealant, these ensure your product has been installed effectively.