Waterproof Wall Panels in Minehead

We stock a wide range of waterproof wall panels suitable for shower and bathrooms. Our waterproof wall panels come as either wall panels with a decorative design or with a tile effect. These panels require no grout to install, and in addition to being suitable for bathrooms are also ideal for commercial applications.

The decorative designed wall panels are available in 32 colours and come in sizes; 2.4m x 1.2m x 11mm, 2.4m x 0.9m x 11mm and 2.4m x 0.95m x 11mm. They can also be cut to any size required and are made from a 9mm WBP plywood core.

These wall panels are specifically engineered with Hydro-Lock tongue and groove joints, which allow a firm and discrete joint to be formed between panels. Watertight sealing is achieved by using our silicone sealant at all joints.

We also have six aluminium edge profiles, all of which are 2.45m long and are available in four finishes. The six profiles we have are; Type A (internal corner), Type B (external corner), Type C (end cap (L shaped)), Type D (mid joint), Type E (quadrant end cap) and Type X. All our metal profiles are available in Satin Anodised Silver, White, Black and Polished Aluminium finishes, except for Type X which is only available in Satin Anodised Silver.

The tile effect design is available with 3 tile sizes; Mosaic (gloss) 23.5mm x 23.5mm with 3mm grout line, and Large (matt) 47mm x 47mm with 4mm grout line which are embossed tiles, and XL (gloss) 300 x 200mm with 4mm grout line which is a bevelled tile. The embossed tile range is available in 8 colours whereas the bevelled tile is available in 3 colours.

Our tile effect design is made from a 3mm compact grade laminate. We have four aluminium edge profiles all of which are 2.5m long and available in four finishes. The profiles available are; Type F (end cap), Type G (mid joint), Type H (external corner) and Type J (internal corner). All the metal sections are available in Satin anodised silver, White, Black and Polished Aluminium finishes.